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Latest News2

Important ! ! ! The new customs policy has been implemented…


  New customs manifest policy has been formally implemented . For details, See《Urgent! Chinese version of AMS is implemented on June 1st ! 》 New Deal ne…

Knowledge of the old driver must understanding !


Many owners pay little attention to the regularity and daily maintenance of the windshield wipers, which leads to the failure of the wipers to work well when n…

There are some things you really don’t know about car…


On a rainy day, when the rain drops on the Windows, the line of sight in front of the car is quickly blocked, and vehicles, pedestrians and objects become blur…

The 119th Canton Fair Will Be Conducted At April 15


There comes the great news, we are going to the The 119th Canton Fair

Congratulations of 119th Canton Fair Has Finished


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