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 The original car is a bone windshield wiper, can replace bone ?

If the original vehicle has a bone wiper, it can be replaced with a bone wiper, but it should be noted that this depends on the type of wiper bracket pressure. For example, in some Japanese cars, the pressure of the wiper holder is relatively low. If the wiper is used without bone, it may be unclear for a long time.


If this is the case, the traditional bone wipers are recommended. If the support pressure is high, the rubber wipers can be pressed to the glass surface, so that the effect of the boneless wipers can be better reflected.


 What are the common mainstream brands ?

The mainstream rain scraper brands we usually see are : (Valeo), BOSCH, (Sandolly), (CAP), (Topex), several.


When replacing the wiper, it is not necessary to use the original brand of wiper, as long as the size and interface are suitable for their own models. ( Topex windshield wiper is available for over 96% of vehicles. ) In addition, in the non-4s shop channel, car owners can also buy products of the same brand (not the same car, only the same brand), but these brand products will not affect the daily use of cars.


 Why did the wipers stand up ?

In the heat of the day, or in the snow, we often see many vehicles with their windshield wipers erected.It turns out that at midday in the middle of the summer, the surface temperature of the windshield in front of the car can reach more than 50 degrees. In the winter, erecting the wipers prevents them from freezing on the front windshield.


 Is it a good way to polish the blow?

The way to renovate the wiper by polishing the wiper is reliable, but it is very exquisite. If the polish is too violent, or if the sandpaper model is wrong, it is easy to deform the shape and surface of the blade of the rubber blade, but the gain is not worth the loss.


The renovation procedure is very simple. First, remove the wiper and clean it, then fold the fine sandpaper in half and clip the rubber strip, then wet the surface of the rubber strip with water, and then rub the fine sandpaper three or four times gently from top to bottom. Finally, rinse the polished particles and install them on the wiper arm.


 Regarding the wiper, in fact, it can be said to be a platitude problem, belonging to the vulnerable part of it, basically when there is not clean scratch, there is a sound situation, it needs to be cleaned, refurbished or directly replaced. Choose according to size and interface. In addition, we do not have to specifically pursue boneless rain scraping. If the original car is boneless rain scraping, we should pay attention to the support pressure of the original car when replacing the boneless rain scraping, so as to avoid inapplicable situations after replacement.


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