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The car wiper is an important accessory for installation on the windshield. Therefore, it plays an important role in driving safety .



The wiper can be divided into mechanical, vacuum, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric according to its driving mode .



Modern cars generally use electric wipers, which have the advantages of simple structure and convenient control. A typical automotive wiper consists of a motor, a crank, a transmission rod, a scraper arm, and a wiper blade .



It is used to brush off the raindrops and dust attached to the windshield of the vehicle to improve the visibility of the driver and increase driving safety. On request, cars in almost all places have wipers. The rear windows of vehicles such as hatchbacks and recreational vehicles are also equipped with wipers. In addition to cars, other means of transport are also equipped with wipers, such as trains, trams, etc. are equipped with wipers .






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