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multi-fit series hybrid wiper blade



T-U191 . jpg



. T-U191 all-fit Hybrid-Wischerblatt



T-U191 is a multi-buckle universal windshield wiper, which can be used for 14 kinds of wipers .



The windshield wiper can not only be equipped with common hook type wipers, but also can be used for special car wipers. You can choose the appropriate combination of accessories according to the wiper to install on the car .



The connection and base of the windshield wiper numbered A 、B1、C 、 D 、E and F have been combined when the windshield wiper leaves the factory. You can install it directly on the windshield wiper support for use .



No B2 and B3 connectors are equipped with a base. If applicable, they shall be installed on the wiper support after exchanging the base with B1 connector .



T-U191 Hybrid wiper blade installation diagram


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