About the windshield wiper



About the windshield wiper

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Wiper Blade:


A windshield wiper is a tool used to clean the front glass of a motor vehicle in order to prevent rain and other contaminants from affecting the line of sight .





Prevent rain or contaminants from blocking your view .



☞ ☞  Wiper analysis  :




There are three types of working methods :

Intermittent wiper: every four seconds or so,

used in drizzle .

Low speed wiper: for medium and small rain and snow .

High speed scraping: used for heavy rain and heavy snow .




The standard specifications :


The inches of the wiper unit are compared with the metric unit: 14″–350mm 16″–400mm 18″–450mm 20″–500mm 21″–525mm 22″–550mm 24″–600mm 26″–650mm.The length of the wiper increases by 25mm per inch .



Maintenance Gide  :


1. When using windshield wipers to remove dust on the windscreen, be sure to spray glass water instead of scraping .


2. There are other stubborn and hard dirt on the glass, which should be cleaned by hand.These things easily hurt the rain, causing the wipers to scrape.In severe cases, the windshield wiper motor will also be affected .


3. When washing the car and daily cleaning, you should take the “back” of the rain brush and return it gently .


4. During the winter use, it is necessary to clear the surface of the windshield with the ice shovel first, so as not to aggravate the burden of the rain .



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