Advantages of Soft Flat wipers .

Benefits of Soft Flat wiper blades :


¤  Durable


The soft flat wiper blade pursues the perfect combination with aerodynamics, completely eliminating the vibration of the car caused by the wind when driving at high speed so that the wear of the blade to the glass is minimized .



¤ Wiper sealing


The rubber knife edge is accurately and evenly divided, and the knife-edge is smooth, ensuring efficient wiper sealing performance and wiping off watermarks .



¤ Mute


Clear, quiet, wiping and flipping flexible, no jumping, elastic return to normal .



¤ No scratch


The soft flat blade has no steel skeleton, so it wears evenly and will never be scratched by the skeleton of the ordinary wiper blade .



¤ More economical and widely used .


It is more economical to replace the original frame wiper with the original car without replacing the wiper arm. Directly mounted, the soft flat wiper blade is very soft and can accommodate a variety of curved glass .








The soft flat wiper system relies on the unique intelligent adaptive spring steel shrapnel to evenly distribute the pressure so that the parts of the scraper are balanced by force, avoiding the drawbacks of the traditional wiper .



The soft flat wiper is simple in design, light in structure and extremely light in weight, which further extends the life of the wiper motor of the car by more than 2 times .







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