Application Guide : How to use wiper blades correctly ?



Application Guide : How to use wiper blades correctly ?

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How to use wiper blades correctly ?


Use wiper blades correctly :

1 . After each use of the wiper blade , clean the water and icing on the wiper blade in time .

2 . If the vehicle is not used for a long time , avoid parking in the open air .

3 . The rubber strip of the wiper blade can maintain sufficient moisture .

Only by maintaining sufficient moisture of the wiper rubber , can it have very good toughness to maintain the tightness of contact with the car window glass .


Car wiper blades are very important to driving safety .


Especially in the rainy season , pay more attention to regular inspection of the wiper blades .

The wiper blades also need to be maintained to prevent the unclear vision caused by the aging of the wiper blades , which may lead to traffic accidents .


Correct use and maintenance of wiper blades :


1 . In the rainy season , the wiper blades often work in the rain and are easily corroded by rainwater .

At the same time , they accelerate the aging of the wipers under the hot sun . Therefore , it is necessary to develop a good habit of fixing the wiper blades .

Once the rubber strip of the wiper blade is found to be aging , it should be replaced immediately , otherwise the wiper blade will leave uneven wiping marks on the windshield , and the water drops on the glass cannot be completely wiped off , which directly affects the driving sight .


2 . The most important thing is that not all car wiper blades can wipe everything .

The windshield will be stained with sand or flying insect corpses . At this time, if you want to save trouble , use the wiper to wipe it directly .

On the contrary, it is easy to leave dirt on the wiper , and the windshield will become more and more dirty .


3 . When checking the wiper blades , check the glass water by the way to see if the water level is sufficient , and try to use special glass water .

In addition , avoid dry windshield without water , wipe the windshield wiper dry , it is easy to cause damage to the wiper blade .


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