Are you still wondering which wiper brand will live longer?



Are you still wondering which wiper brand will live longer?

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What brand of what brand of wiper wiper long life and actually use title meaning were similar , now about the wiper brand in the market is everywhere , but it rains as long as it is used car friend will basically due to noise and scraping clean wiper bitter brain, why so many brand but not for owners friend solve this bitter matter of the brain ?For this , many friends will post online to ask for some help



The first thing to say is that no matter what product it has a life span, one is congenital, one is acquired; it includes ours as well ; product
protection is good according to the rules and the life span will be long, of course, the product itself The life span of each manufacturer
varies depending on the factory .




The immediate life-span affecting a wiper is the rubber strip, which is the rubber part of the wiper that fits into the windshield. One can
imagine : ” A rubber product is outdoors , day and night, wind and sun , ”  which is the need for the product has a very good resistance to
high and low temperature, corrosion resistance , UV , etc .




Nowadays , there are many factories that produce wipers , but there are few that can solve several problems right now. I believe that after you understand topex, you will get a satisfactory answer .



Some friends of the car owners may encounter such problems .



When wipers are installed, some wipers do not scrape when they are scraped, or when they are put on a test, they are found to emit noise .



The occurrence of these two problems will directly affect the wipers. The longevity of these two people is due to the fact that the car’s rocker arm does not match the pressure of the wiper shrapnel, which can cause the shattering pressure to go too low or pressure too tight .



If the pressure does not go on, it will not be able to scrape or be beaten at high speeds. Causes the wiper interface to break off .



If the pressure is too tight, noise will occur and the strip will also be overloaded and the strip will have a short life .



Grasping the problems mentioned above basically solves them !



In addition, the use of our car owner’s own friends will directly affect the product’s life span .



For example, dry scratches, poorly used glass water, hard debris on the glass, uncleaned direct dry scrapers, and left on the windshield when waxing. Wax water and so on will directly affect the life of the product .



If you want to understand these issues, how to avoid or understand more knowledge of wiper products 



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