Are you sure you will use car wiper blades ?



Are you sure you will use car wiper blades ?

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Did you really use the right wiper blade ?

It is said that many people use it wrong !

Most driving in rainy weather cannot do without wiper blades . When it comes to wiper blades , everyone just knows that the rubber is damaged or aged and needs to be replaced .

It will not cause too much attention from car owners , but most accidents when driving on rainy days are mostly caused by poor vision , so you must not be careless .


1. How to use wiper blade rubber correctly ?


Whether the car wiper blade is of good quality depends mainly on whether it is wiped cleanly .

For example , whether there are residual water marks , whether there are abnormal noises , or whether the wiper blade rubber is bounced , etc .

If the above problems occur , don’t rush to change the wiper blade rubber . It is not too late to check the operating environment of the car before making a judgment .

The service life of general wiper blades is 6-12 months .


Of course , the service life is determined by the use environment , such as long-term parking in an outdoor parking lot , and the wiper blade rubber is exposed to the sun for a long time.

Even if there is a large amount of dust , bird droppings , resin and other substances remaining on the glass , if the wiper blade is used directly without cleaning , it will affect the life of the wiper blade rubber .

At the same time , if the glass is not clean , it will cause the wiper blade to jump or even scratch the glass . This situation can be solved by cleaning the glass with a cleaning agent .


2.  Improper use of ” Rain enemy ” will damage the wiper blade rubber

If the glass and wiper rubber are free of foreign matter but still bounce , it depends on whether the front windshield has been smeared with ” Rain Enemy ” recently .

Because if it is not evenly applied , even if it looks clean to the naked eye , it will still make the car wiper blade jump .

There is only one solution. Apply rain enemy to the glass again and apply it evenly . If the car is very clean and has been smeared with rain enemies , but it is still not clean , then the wiper blades need to be replaced .


3. Types of wiper blade rubber

In fact , you can replace the wiper rubber by yourself , which is not difficult .

Common wiper blades are divided into metal wiper blades and soft flat wiper blades .

Metal wiper blades means that there is a metal frame support on the wiper strip . The more fulcrums , the better the fit of the wiper strip to the glass .

The soft flat wiper blades does not have the structure of a metal bracket . It relies on the entire wiper to apply pressure to the glass . These two kinds of wiper blades have their own advantages and disadvantages .


4. How to choose a wiper blade ?

Generally , the wiper model is a universal interface or a U-shaped port , and the price is relatively affordable .

The soft flat wiper blade has no metal bracket to reduce the worry of noise and damage to the glass .

It is in the form of a guide strip, which allows the wiper strip to apply force evenly and press it very closely on the glass .


Relatively speaking , a soft flat wiper blade is more expensive than a metal wiper blade .

Basically , the price of a metal wiper blade of the same brand and model is twice the price .

Before choosing a wiper, you must first determine the type of wiper for your car, and then when choosing a brand , it is recommended to choose genuine wiper blades instead of cheap ones .

Generally on the market, as long as it is a universal U-shaped interface, a 4-in-1 interface or a dedicated interface like BMW and Mercedes-Benz , just find the interface , and more than 96% of the models are applicable .


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