Automobile Industry | BMW replaces the new logo !



Automobile Industry | BMW replaces the new logo !

Postview: 198       Date:January 26, 2022


How will BMW change its logo in 2020 ?


Well-known German car brand BMW


Recently , along with their electric concept car i 4 ,


Released a brand new logo ,


Replaces the old logo that has been used since 1997 .




New logo /old logo picture show




Classic black ring is no longer


Picture 3


According to Jens Thiemer , BMW ‘ s Senior Vice President of Customers and Brands ,


The new brand design is to meet the challenges and opportunities of brand digitalization .


Concise handling of the new logo .


Is to adapt to the young user group ,


At the same time , the new logo is on the original logo .


The update also preserves BMW’s brand culture and content .



Launch of new logo


Hope to make the brand more open and intimate


In BMW ‘s 104-year history


The officially announced logo has undergone a total of 5 replacements .


BMW 5th


For BMW , this bold move symbolizes its 103-year history while acknowledging the logo .


Committed to moving towards digital and sustainable development .


The transition period of the new and old logos will be replaced before the end of May this year .


At present , the official websites of some European regions have been replaced with new logos , but China has not yet updated .


bmw new logo


In recent years , many brand logos have been replaced with 2 D flat designs .


Of course , some people may think that the logo will not be recognizable,


Some are not used for a while because they are used to seeing the old logo .


Although some features may be lost ,


Affected by the trend of simplicity , this design has even become a no-brainer .


i 4


Logo defines the importance of brand identity


Behind the changes in brand visual design is a major change in the automotive industry .


What do you think ?