Automobile wiper maintenance Topex wiper guaranteed.



Automobile wiper maintenance Topex wiper guaranteed.

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『 Car wiper maintenance 』



♠  Check the wiper blade regularly .


When the wiper blade is found to be seriously worn or dirty, it should be replaced or cleaned in time. Otherwise, the working efficiency of the wiper will be reduced and the driver’s vision will be affected .


When cleaning wiper blade, use cotton yarn dipped in alcohol cleaner to gently wipe away the dirt on the blade . The scraper should not
be washed and soaked with gasoline, otherwise it will deform and affect its work .




♣  When checking the working condition of wiper, the windscreen should be moistened with water first, otherwise the glass will be scratched, and the blade friction resistance is large, which may damage the blade or the motor. After opening the wiper switch, attention should be paid to the noise of the motor, especially when the wiper motor “buzzes” and does not rotate, indicating that its mechanical drive part is rusted or stuck, the wiper switch should be closed immediately to prevent the motor from burning .




♥  After closing the wiper switch during use, the wiper blade should stop after returning to the side under the windshield. If the stop position is not correct, it should be adjusted.When adjusting, the cover of the automatic stop can be turned, the stop position of clockwise rotation is shortened, while that of counter-clockwise rotation is extended .




♦  The wiper motor is mostly closed and cannot be disassembled at will. When must disassemble, must keep inside clear sell, cannot let iron chip and so on the dirt fall into it;Add a little grease to the felt of the bearing and replace or replenish the grease in the reducer .




『 The car was scraped clean 』



If after the use of windshield washer is still not clean windshield wiper or work piece vibration. This may be in the windshield wipers film with wax or other substances. With a cleaning fluid or a mild detergent to clean the outer surface of the windshield. If water when cleaning. No longer form drip. Then already clean the windshield .



Clean the wiper by wiping the wiper with a wet cloth in a cleaning solution or mild detergent. Then rinse the wiper with water. If the windshield is not cleaned after cleaning the wiper and using the wiper, please replace the wiper .



It is recommended to replace the non-bone rain scraper. Its performance is quite outstanding compared with that of bone rain scraper .




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