Benefits of soft flat wiper blade

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Advantages of soft flat wiper blades :



1 . Wear resistance :


Soft flat wiper blades pursue the perfect combination of aerodynamics .


Thoroughly eliminate the vibration caused by the wind when the car is driving at a high speed, so that the wear of the blade to the glass is minimized .



2. Wiper sealing :


The rubber blade is accurately and evenly divided and smoothed ; it ensures efficient wiper sealing and can wipe the water mark .



3. Silent :


Clear, quiet, wiping and flipping flexible , no jumping , elastic return to normal .




4. No scratches :


The brushless head of this soft flat wiper blade has no steel skeleton , so it is evenly worn and will not be scratched by the skeleton of the ordinary wiper blade .



5. More economical and widely used :


It is more economical to replace the original frame wiper blade without replacing the wiper arm .


Directly mounted , the soft flat wiper blade is very soft and can accommodate a variety of curved windshields .








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