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☞   Incorrect response :

a) . It’s not good to be cheap and can’t be used .

b) . Sorry, we don’t sell those low-end products .

c) .  We are high-end brands , not what you want is grade .


The above approach is absolutely wrong, directly KO .


☞  Problem diagnosis :

The auto parts industry is a very interesting industry. especially for customers, it seems that the industry is full of huge profits, and there is a lack of necessary trust between customers and businesses .


Many customers always feel that the prices of products in stores are high and the profits of businesses are high. There are many reasons for this phenomenon. Among them, the market may not be very transparent in terms of price, etc. It may also be that the automobile life is not very long for some customers. The professional awareness of the automotive wipers is not deep enough. So if you are afraid of a loss, you always feel that buying is cheaper. So how do you deal with this situation ?


“Cheap is not good, can not use.” Many people will so scare customers. There is no mistake in this sentence. Products are too cheap and quality is often difficult to guarantee. However, this point of view is too absolute. Pursuing high quality and low price is itself the right of the customer. There is no need to talk to the customer .


“Sorry, we don’t sell those low-end products.” This sounds like a tall, but it’s not. From a psychological point of view, this is a typical expression of suppressing others and enhancing oneself. Maybe you run a high-end brand, but when you say this, you tell customers that you are a low-end brand user and not like us .


“We are high-end brands. It is not a grade you want.” At first glance, it seems that they are talking about products, but it is simply saying that they are people. Obviously we are high-end, you are low-end. This is what hurts people. It is equivalent to a doorman standing at the door of a five-star hotel, saying that “we are five-star hotels and most people can’t enter” for every customer entering the store. The real high-end products should be for customers to realize their own .


☞  Strategy :

How should we respond to customers’ wanting to choose low prices ?


First of all, we must clarify the important role of the wiper, especially the importance of rainy days for customers to drive safely .


⇔  Explain the difference between good and bad products


Any customer will have a scale in his own heart. Good products can be tested by customers, so the comparison between good and bad products is enumerated. In some cases, it is better than not to know, but only to compare, in order to truly reflect the excellent quality of big brand products .


⇔  The impact of poor quality wipers on vehicles and driving safety


The wiper is not only used to rain on a rainy day, but also the quality of the rubber above it has a great influence on the surface glass. So we can prepare some photos or videos for customers to see if they really understand wipers. In addition, a good wiper can be necessary to explain the safety of driving on a rainy day. Safety issues are always the most taboo for customers .



⇔  Do an appropriate presentation to demonstrate quality


The quality of the wiper can be achieved through demonstrations, such as the hardness of the rubber, the inclination of the dried noodles, etc. can be achieved through demonstration. Find the most suitable demonstration method for the most important performance of each product. Flexibility test can be used to demonstrate softness, using instruments to test wiper angle, flushing with water, revealing water film formation, etc .


To sum up: wiper – the guardian of safe driving ! ! !


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