BMW 528i wiper fault.



BMW 528i wiper fault.

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⇒  Case analysis:





BMW 528 I, 2003 fault phenomenon 】


E39 series, 168000 km, hot wiper failure, wipers doesn’t work, joint wiper washing pump does not work,

but every time after the ignition switch to the switch, wiper switch, no matter what gear, wipers have to work more than ten seconds at low speed, and the wiper arm may stop at any position ,

cleaning pump can work during this period, after the wiper to stop working, cleaning pump can not work .  】



 Fault diagnosis 


Since after car, according to the fault phenomena, motor can operate, you can be sure wiper work power failure should be ruled out, the
working principle of the car wiper, wiper switch control signal transmission to the body basic module and basic module control wiper
relay to the wiper motor at low speed, high power, wiper motor internal feedback should be positioning signal operation basic module to
the body, according to the working principle of infer that this failure has the following several reasons :



1. Fault of body module ;



2. Wiper motor relay or line fault ;



3. Combination switch or communication control circuit with body module .






Where does the water from the wiper motor come from ?


Originally under the windshield wiper installation location with baffle wall, there is a sink, over time, sedimentation, to block a sink,

in  the running water along the windshield wiper motor .





Although the wiper motor is sealed, but the wiper motor work fever, heat bilges cold shrink or flooding, the water about micro switch corrosion Chang Tong wiper motor position

make the body basic module receives less than running with the return signal, cause every time after the ignition switch to the switch,

as long as the wiper switch, wiper can only work at low speed more than ten seconds, and the wiper arm may stop at any position, and then fault of windshield wipers doesn’t work .





【 Troub Leshooting 】



The wiper return signal micro switch and the wiper electric casing are plastic injection molding together, and there is no single


component replacement, only can replace the wiper motor assembly.  Clean up the mud and debris in the installation of the wiper, all the


dismantled parts are installed and reset, and the wiper function returns to normal .





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