Can’t be cleaned, must you change the wiper ?



Can’t be cleaned, must you change the wiper ?

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If the wiper is found to be unclean, most of them are caused by the roughening of the rubber strip of the wiper .

In fact, the rubber strip is not aged and hard. Just think of ways to make the rough rubber strips smooth and polished .




Here’s how to get the wiper back as new : /category / flat-wiper-blade / oe-type-series /




1 , The first choice to remove the two wipers



Soft wiper blade



2, Prepare a water sandpaper


Water sandpaper for 2000 purposes is available in paint shops .
Tear the water sandpaper into small pieces, and use a small piece each time .



3. Soak the wiper and water sandpaper with water .


4. Polish the rubber of the wiper with water sandpaper



Note that not only the two sides of the rubber should be polished, but also the front side of the strip should be properly sanded.
The time does not need to be very long, it will take about 5 minutes .




let’s talk about the daily maintenance of the wiper :


1. Do not replace glass water with tap water ;



2. Be sure to use a wiper with water on the surface of the glass to avoid scratching the rubber ;



3. Lift the wiper arm when the vehicle is not parked for a long time or when parking in hot or cold weather .







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