Can’t scrape the edge of the wiper ?



Can’t scrape the edge of the wiper ?

Postview: 175       Date:March 30, 2022

TOPEX will share some answers to the problem that the wiper edge cannot be scraped. I hope it will be helpful for you to know that the wiper edge cannot be scraped.


First, make sure your scraper is used for long periods of time, and if it is used too long and too long, consider replacing it.


For example, you can try other methods : 

Lift the tape and watch the tape


If the rubber strip is seriously deformed and hardened, even cracks appear. If there is such a symptom, it indicates that the rubber strip has aged, it is recommended to replace it.


If the tape is relatively soft and only scratches when it rains, the overall feel is fuzzy, indicating that your windscreen has more stubborn stains.Validation: on a clear day, dip a clean piece of paper in water and wipe it carefully. The paper will turn black. The glass needs to be cleaned carefully.


Of course, also will strip for a clean, or strip with fine sand paper to grind. If the blade is familiar with, also can separate the strip and the skeleton, the strip before and after the change, because the strip factory as the “T” shape, the following parts in the middle, after a period of time to the side, is should be strip when not in use have been holding up in one direction, change the surface, it will play a role adjustment, prolong the service life of the strip.


Note: each time you wash the car or a period of time, will strip brush a brush, so as to avoid the above bad strip and glass sand mill.


Warm tip: some vehicles have different sizes of the left and right wipers.



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