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With the advent of winter, freezing cold and rain hit the glass windows .

Fear of wipers will be damaged, the immediate field of vision has gradually blurred . . .



Rain into the winter, carrying with the attack, wipers hurt, affecting traffic safety .

Although the wiper is an obscure part in the car accessories,

most of the drivers ignore the wiper, but it plays a very, very important role in rain and snow weather, guarding everyone like a warrior .



• The following has occurred before it ?


When the wiper wipes, the front windshield appears multiple stripes, blurred, mist and wait will not disappear, the owner has affected the driving sight, then this time you need to replace the wiper blade as soon as possible .



How to choose wiper blade ?


Next let Paiai grandly introduce Topex wiper blades for everyone .



International praise


TOPEX wiper blade has repeatedly been praised and praised by many countries at home and abroad, at the same time won the appearance design patent certificate and utility model patent certificate .


Award America and EU patent certificate I applying process ,14 pieces patent in china .


Passed international quality standard ISO-9001 .




Significant effect


TOPEX wiper blades provide excellent and efficient wiping performance, even in extreme weather conditions .

Always provide the driver with a clear vision and the most secure, we will be the most secure wipers as the mission of all employees .






                               Hybrid wiper blade





T-100 Universal Hybrid Wiper Blade (Camery Type)



1. Suitable for left and right driving car
2. For a specific wiper arm as follows :


① U-HOOK wiper arm: 8.7 * 7mm
② U-HOOK wiper arm: 9 * 11mm



3. Applicable to the following models:



Japan models: Toyota / Mazda / Lexus / Nissan / Subaru / Honda


United States models: GM / Buick / Chevrolet / Cadillac / Ford / Lincoln / Chrysler / Jeep / MERURY / DODGE





4. Certificates: ISO9001


5. Packing: carton or blister box or according to customer’s requirement .


6. Size: 14 “-28”




Continuous innovation, advance with the times .



T-U190 (4 in 1) Multi-fit Hybrid wiper blade




Patent : Germany & USA Patent




4 in 1 adaptor




Hybrid frame


Graphite coated 100% natural rubber and High-Carbon steel


Easy to install .




1.Spoiler : ABS making with metal frame inside


2. Rubber: Natural rubber with graphite and stainless steel inside


3. Joint: high carbon steel making


4. Adaptor:Multi-function adaptor,fit 99% cars 


5. Body: High carbon steel fixed the rubber, and link with electrowelding in both ends


6. Certificate:ISO9001:2008 , TUV, SGS approval


7. Size:14″-28″




The innovative design of Topex hybrid wipers is a highlight of the product .


More importantly, this product combines aerodynamics , with ventilation holes to make the performance better, to achieve longer lasting and long-lasting protection .



The maximum degree of fit windshield for the owners to provide a good driving range ; the material friction to a minimum, to bring a quiet and comfortable driving experience and safety and security .



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You do not want to have such a wiper ?


topex wiper, make you travel safer, more at ease .



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