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Do you understand the dynamics of the company?

Xiamen TOPEX Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Has been creative, innovation, creativity as the core proposition, is the enterprise in the pursuit of innovation and the company for the common development of all employees to establish an effective sharing of the management of the management model. The concept and recognition of modernization embodies the cultural literacy of an enterprise. TOPEX from their values, ideas, goals, attitudes, style of affairs gathered together to form a team. To, as always, strict management, excellent quality, quality service with you go hand in hand.

Company journey

2006-2008 became the first batch of china engaged in flat wiper blade industry personnel, and started the international division of labor and OEM.

2009 we started the basement business, began to explore a more diverse business model.

2010-2012 we have established a Hong Kong company-RICO GROUP CO., LTD, and enter the international market to open up, while entering the Southeast Asia Middle East, Europe and many other countries , And set up our export team.

Jacky General manager

My responsibility is offering the best service and goods to customers.

Jennifer Executive Manger

My responsibility is monitoring every details and make sure everything is under control.

Alisa Qc

My responsibility is checking the details of the products.

Mrs huang Designer

My responsibility is offering the best Packing for each customer until satisfaction .

March 2012, we started in the hut below business, September 2012, we have successfully developed a variety of new products. At the same time, the products are beginning to enter the South American market.

December 2012, we participated in the Frankfurt Shanghai auto parts exhibition, the product into the Eastern European market.

2013, began to enter the domestic market , and into many cities.

December 2013, in Frankfurt, Shanghai, to participate in the exhibition the product to enter the North America market.

April 2014 companies to participate in Canton Fair .

In June 2014, the company moved into the new factory.

December 2014 companies to participate in the Frankfurt Shanghai Exhibition.

April 2015 companies to participate in Canton Fair.

April 2015 Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition.

June 2015 company or a number of patents.

ISO9000 July 2015 the company began to rectify the full implementation of ISO9000.

Dynamic development:

Business is by the joint efforts of everyone produced by the cohesion together; between people in close coordination and cooperation to show the team’s style. Jacky often said: people do not call the team together, the heart together called the team.

Uphold the faith, courageously forward, the future you will certainly thank you now struggle.

Core advantage

What are the core strengths of topex?

The key to the dynamic strategy of the enterprise lies in the competitive advantage of the core competencies. Can reasonably grasp the opportunity and respond. Has unique insights, with other wipers industry can not restrain the core technology and quality service. topex whether it is wiper technology, style or wiper price; can let customers experience the advantages of the product itself, many ways to reduce the cost of customers.

Comprehensive layout:

TOPEX enterprise dynamic strategy system management is from a global point of view, it is fully covered within the enterprise management and the development trend of the entire wipers industry; the formation of a broader space, so that enterprises exist more valuable, the formation of a standardized system chain.

Reasonable operation

In the traditional business model, the goal of enterprise strategic management is to pursue their own advantages (control costs); consider the design of the wipers of independent companies how to compete with the opponent. In the production of dynamic, in order to better apply fast-paced, changing market demand, the need to change the business model. At this time you need manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, joint customers; and even competitors to the common and timely development, innovation and production, sales of a variety of applicable higher products. At this point the cooperation is far greater than the competition, is a mutually beneficial and win-win model.

How to have a good working atmosphere?

Maintaining a good working atmosphere is the responsibility of every employee, but also the core of the staff career leadership. Need to constantly innovate corporate culture, a lot of people with strategic vision of talent. Good at proposing new concepts, timely feedback of company dynamic information; develop detailed plans to make recommendations for improvement. With a clear goal and a good professional can, to open up a broader market to lay a solid foundation.


  1. Clear positioning, strengthen innovation, close to the market, highlight the advantages; accelerate the development of customer service, to understand the auto industry market development needs.
  2. Understand the situation, face up to difficulties, meet new challenges.
  3. Improve competitiveness.
  4. Go ahead and open up new markets.


℘ Employee motto:

TOPEX news-1

Everyone has their own life motto.

TOPEX each member in the company have a clear role in positioning, teamwork for the purpose, not respected individualism. Alone forward, go fast; go hand in hand, go farther.


TOPEX wipers brand products stable, return rate as low as 2%, has been the pursuit of China’s most secure wipers. For the drivers to eliminate hidden dangers, the maximum degree of protection of your driving safety. Not coated at night is not reflective, so you have a clear vision.