Correct Maintenance and Use of Wiper Blade

Correct use and maintenance of wiper blades


Pay attention to the daily use of wiper blades


For the wiper blade, we should use and maintain it correctly .

Extend the service life of the wiper and slow down the aging of the rubber .

The following suggestions for daily use :


1. The wiper blade should be used with glass water in sunny days, and do not dry it without water .


2. The windshield should also be cleaned when cleaning the exterior of the vehicle to avoid some sand and dirt remaining on it from being attached to the wiper blade .


3. Clean the wiper blade rubber regularly to avoid residual stains from corroding the wiper blade and affecting the cleaning effect .


4. In winter , if the windshield has obvious snow or icing phenomenon , it is recommended to wipe off the snow or ice particles before using a wiper to prevent the wiper from swinging on the snow surface and causing deformation  .


5. After rain and snow, clean the wiper strip with clean water in time to avoid corrosion of the wiper strip due to some harmful substances contained in the rain and snow .


The following operations will damage the wiper blade rubber :


Dry scraping

Dry scraping refers to the behavior of turning on the wiper blade when there is no water on the car windshield. It is strongly recommended to avoid dry scraping !


Long time semi-dry scraping


 Semi-dry wiping refers to the behavior of turning on the wipers when the amount of water on the windshield of a car is small . If light rain is encountered during driving, it is recommended not to directly turn on the continuous gear (low and high gear) . You can turn on the intermittent gear , and according to The amount of rainfall adjusts the interval time .


Scrape foreign objects directly

When the windshield of the vehicle has foreign objects such as branches , dry leaves , dry bird droppings , mud and sand , please clean up the foreign objects before opening the wiper blade to avoid hard objects from cutting the edge of the rubber strip and causing damage to the wiper blade .