Correct Way To Use The Wiper



Correct Way To Use The Wiper

Postview: 228       Date:March 30, 2022

As for the role of car wipers, we all know that it is to open the front windshield of the car on rainy days.

So, How do you know the correct way to use the wiper blade?


1. Avoid dry shaving

Remember not to use clean water, glass water is very cheap, don’t save time. Especially on sunny days, some dust should not be scraped. It should be used with a glass water, otherwise, it will seriously damage the rubber of the wiper.


2. Reduce sun exposure

The vehicle is parked under the scorching sun. The temperature of the front windshield is very high. The wiper rubber that is close to the glass will accelerate the ageing due to the high temperature.

Therefore, when the vehicle is parked in the outdoor parking lot, we can erect the wiper to reduce the contact between the wiper strip and the hot glass to extend the life of the wiper.


3. Do not change the wiper size at will

Some car owners always like to buy a 1-2 inch long when replacing the wiper blade and feel that the scraping area is larger and the effect is better. In fact, this is wrong. When the wiper blade is too long, it may wear the A-pillar trim or the front windshield cover, which can cause resonance and abnormal noise. The special size of the car is the correct choice.

In summary: The general wiper blade life is about 6 months to 1 year, if the maintenance is good, 1-2 years can be used.



When it was found that the wiper was not cleaned, it could be polished and refurbished with fine sandpaper. It has a certain effect in the short term (only temporary relief, specific analysis ).

If the scratching is not serious or it is a long time, please replace it as soon as possible for the safety of you and your family. It is also relatively easy to replace (the previous blog has also mentioned how to replace the wiper correctly ), the most important thing is that it can keep your vision clear enough when it rains, and avoid the existence of safety hazards.

The above is about the correct use of car wipers, I hope that after reading this article, your understanding of the car is a bit deeper. For more information, please pay attention to, we will update the issue of the wiper, industry news, exhibition information and so on. . .

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