Daily maintenance of wiper blades

Choosing the Right Wiper Blades

Every car has a manufacturer recommended size of wiper blade , specific to that make , model , and year .

It is essential to select a replacement wiper blade of the correct size for your particular vehicle .

There are several ways to find out the right wiper size for your car :


Look in the owner ‘ s manual

Go to auto parts store and use their ” wiper blade size finder “

Look up your correct wiper size online

Measure the wiper blades currently on your car

On some vehicles , the two blades are different sizes , and it is crucial to install the correct size on both the driver’ s and passenger’ s side of the car .


Knowing When Windshield Wipers Need Replacement

Test your wipers at least once a season, and look for these signs of wear :

Streaking on the windshield

Wiper noise on glass

Blades leaving marks on the glass

Blades sticking to the glass

Replace the wiper blades as soon as you see signs of wear , before you need them in rain , snow , hail , or dust , to ensure your continued safety .

Wiper blades are easily overlooked by everyone .

However , if it is used improperly , its parts may be damaged , which may affect the driver’ s sight in rainy weather and endanger driving safety .

Maintenance skills of wiper blade


1. Regularly check the wiper blades .

When the wiper blade is found to be severely worn or dirty , it should be replaced or cleaned in time ,

otherwise it will reduce the working efficiency of the wiper blade and affect the driver ‘s sight .


2. When checking the working condition of the wiper blade , the windshield should be moistened with water first , otherwise the glass will be scratched .

At the same time , the wiper blade may be damaged or the motor may be burned due to the high friction resistance of the wiper blade .


3. After turning off the wiper blade switch during use , the wiper blade should return to the lower side of the windshield and stop .

If the stop position is wrong , it should be adjusted .

When adjusting , you can turn the cover of the automatic stopper .

Turn it clockwise to shorten the stop position , and turn it counterclockwise to extend the stop position .


4. When using the wiper blade in winter , if the wiper blade is frozen or jammed by snow , immediately turn off the switch and remove the ice,

otherwise the motor will be burned out due to excessive blade resistance .


5. Do not remove the motor at will .

If it is necessary to remove the motor due to a malfunction , do not drop or bump the motor .

Because wiper motors mostly use permanent magnet DC motors , their magnetic poles are mostly made of ceramic materials , which are easily damaged by impact .


6. The wiper motors are mostly enclosed and cannot be disassembled at will .

When it must be disassembled , keep the inside clean .


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