Did you use the wiper correctly ?



Did you use the wiper correctly ?

Postview: 201       Date:March 30, 2022

This year, most areas have started the rainstorm mode .

Some newcomers are not familiar with the functions related to the wiper .

This is very dangerous . Then let’s talk about how to use the wiper correctly ~



How does the automatic wiper not work automatical  ?   




Some people know that their car is an induction wiper and waits for it to automatically turn on when it rains .


But in fact, like the automatic headlights, the automatic wiper is also set to the AUTO gear to work properly. Although it is very basic, don’t forget it .



Some models that do not have automatic sensing rainfall function will have an ” automatic intermittent swing “ function, which can automatically adjust the wiper frequency according to the speed of the vehicle, and also need to adjust to the corresponding gear .



Different types of wipers are used differently . ( The wiper control part is marked with the English abbreviation ) .



INT :   Automatic intermittent swing 

MIST :  scratch once 

LO :  ” low frequency “

HI:   ” high frequency “



How to use a manual wiper ? 




•  When rainfall is low


When it rains, don’t rush to open the wiper. At this time, the water on the front window is insufficient, and the wiper is dry, only scratches the mud and damages the wiper. Remember to spray the glass water first when you turn it on, and then start to scrape .



• When the rainfall is heavy 


When the rainfall is large, it is necessary to increase the frequency of the wiper in time. If the rainfall is too large, then it is recommended to stop by the side of the rain and let the rain go a little further. When parking, don’t forget to open the fog light and double flash .




Don’t forget the rear window !



Generally SUV, hatchback, MPV and other models are equipped with rear wipers, which is because they are more likely to be affected by tailrace turbulence and get water stains and stains, which will interfere the sight of the vehicles .



So when you find that the rear window is dirty, don’t forget to clean it. In addition, the rear window can also be sprayed with water .



When there is fog in the rear window in rainy weather, you can open the rear window to heat :



For models with rearview mirror heating, don’t forget to open them, these will make your vision clearer .




What else can the wiper lever do ?




If your car has a headlight cleaning function, then in general, when the headlights are turned on, the wiper lever can be used to spray the glass water to turn on the cleaning headlights at the same time .


What if the wiper is not clean ?




As the windshield wipers are rubber products, after a long period of exposure to the sun, inevitably aging.Generally about 1 year replacement, regular inspection, found that aging, hardening of the rubber strip, cracks, or scraping clean to replace the wiper .





It is relatively simple to replace the wiper, and you can usually replace it yourself .

Just pay attention to the interface of the wiper, different models are different. Common U-interfaces , in-line interfaces, and so on . Specifically, you should look at your own vehicle manual .



Please refer to the details for details:






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