Different types of wiper blade

Different types of wiper blade


Different types of wiper blade


The three main types of wiper blades are: conventional , flat and hybrid wiper blade .

If your car came with conventional windscreen wipers , they can be replaced with flat or hybrid wipers for a performance and visual upgrade .

However , it should be noted that cars that came with flat windscreen wipers cannot be fitted with conventional ones .


Windshield wipers of different sizes


In addition to the different types and styles of windscreen wipers, there are also different sizes available .

 If you select blades that are too long , they will either hit each other or go over the edge of the windscreen .

And blades that are too short won’t fully clean your windscreen , reducing your field of vision and safety .

Generally , when purchasing windshield wipers , you will be asked to measure your current windshield wipers or the accompanying driving safety manual to ensure that the correct size of the wipers is selected .


Windscreen wiper blade parts

A windscreen wiper is made of the following parts :


Windscreen wiper arm – this is usually made of metal. The arm transfers the movement from the wiper motor to the wiper itself .

Connectors – these connect the wiper blade to the wiper arm . It ‘ s important to use the right type of connector to ensure that the wiper works silently and efficiently .

Spring flexor ( inside or outside the rubber blade ) – the spring flexor ensure the rubber blade maintains an even pressure and even wiping action along its entire length .

The curvature of the spring flexor matches your windscreen for perfect contact between the blade and the glass .


Rubber element – made from Malaysia natural rubber , the edge ensures maximum flexibility as the blade changes angle at the end of each stroke across the windscreen .

The rubber element that comes into contact with the glass is surface treated with a special coating and graphite powder to reduce friction and the precision formed profile ensures a smooth change of angle as the wiper cycles up and down the windscreen .

Spoiler – the spoiler is fitted to the windscreen wiper on the drivers’side to improve aerodynamic efficiency and reduce wind-lift when driving at high speeds .


Out of all these parts , the rubber element is the part that is most subject to wear over time. Especially as rubber deteriorates even without use due to exposure to the sun and weather .