Do it yourself to replace car wiper blades


First of all : You need to know what type of wiper blade the vehicle uses . You can refer to the vehicle manual to see the wiper blade model indicated above .

In addition: pay attention to whether the way the support rod is connected to the wiper rocker arm is matched .

Because some arms are fixed to the rocker arm with screws, and some are locked with buckles .

Pull up the wiper blade and touch the cleaned rubber wiper with your fingers to check for damage and the elasticity of the rubber blade .

If the rubber blade is aged , hardened , or cracked , the wiper blade is unqualified .


During the test , place the wiper blade switch at various speed positions to check whether the wiper blade maintains a certain speed at different speeds .

Especially in the intermittent working state , pay attention to whether the wiper blade maintains a certain speed when moving .


Check the state of the wiper , and whether the wiper rod has uneven swing or missed scraping .

If the following three situations occur , the wiper blade is unqualified :


1 . The swing is not smooth , and the wiper blade is abnormally jumping ;


2 . The rubber contact surface and the glass surface cannot be completely attached, resulting in wipe residue ;


3 . After wiping , the glass surface is in the state of water film , and small stripes , fog and linear residues are produced on the glass .


During the test , attention should be paid to whether the motor has abnormal noise , especially when the wiper motor ” buzzes ” and does not rotate .


This indicates that the mechanical transmission part of the wiper is rusty or stuck . At this time , the wiper switch should be turned off immediately to prevent burning of the motor .


Some people think that the longer the length of the wiper blade , the larger the area of the wiper , and the better the field of vision .

In fact , the wiper blade is not as long as possible .


Although extending the length of the wiper blade can increase the visible range of the field of view , it will also increase the burden on the wiper blade motor and wiper lever .


Of course , it is necessary to lengthen a size , but it must be ensured that the normal operation of the wiper blade must not be hindered .


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