Do you really understand about the wiper ?



Do you really understand about the wiper ?

Postview: 202       Date:March 30, 2022

As the summer solstice approached, the weather became hotter and hotter and the rainfall gradually increased. The arrival of the rainy season is a nuisance to the friends who drive. It will not only affect road traffic, but will also hinder the driver’s vision. How to ease driving is a big problem. The wiper is an essential tool at this time. . However, do you really understand the wipers? For everyone to be able to drive safely, Topex will give you a little knowledge of wipers .


【1】Can a bone wiper change the boneless wiper ?

A bone wiper can be replaced with a boneless wiper. Topex suggested that when replacing the wipers, watch out for the pressure of the wiper brackets. If the wiper holder pressure is low and you use the wiper without a bone for a long time, the wiper may be unclear.


【2】Polishing wiper feasible ?

The squeegee can be refurbished by sanding, but it is also necessary to pay attention to the technique.

Topex suggested that if it is polished too violently, or if the wrong sandpaper model is selected, it is easy to deform the shape of the edge of the strip and the blade surface; damage to the strip is not worth the candle .


【3】How to solve the problem of abnormal noise and beating?


The abnormal sound of the wiper may be due to the following four reasons:

First , the windshield wiper aging ;

Second, there is dirt accumulation on the edge of the wiper blade ;

Third, there is dirt on the front glass surface ;

Fourth, the temperature is too low to make the strip harder ;

Fives, Use wipers (such as dry wipes) frequently in abnormal situations .


Topex suggested that if the wiper sounded abnormal, the owner could solve it by “squeezing toothpaste”.Specific steps are as follows :


1. Extruded toothpaste strips smeared in the corner of a wet  towel   


2. Repeatedly wipe the edge of the strip


3. Use a towel to wipe the black dirt that has been wiped  clean.


The wiper is a consumable part. When the scraping is not clean and the sound is abnormal, the wiper needs to be cleaned, refurbished or replaced. Small wipers, if not inspected, may also cause major problems, so regular inspection of the wipers is essential .


For wiper inspection, topex has a number of professional testing, can do a standard test report for each item, each item has an annotation, to ensure that eliminate problems, and provide users with quality wipers and thoughtful service .


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