Don’t wait until you have good rule of thumb

Don’t wait to repair the small windshield wiper asked the university


In the eyes of many people, windshield wipers are insignificant, because it is small, and only in rainy days will be used, so in the maintenance, inspection of the car, will not deliberately pay attention to a small windshield wiper is crucial to driving safety on rainy days .


In rainy season, be sure to check windshield wipers in advance .


If your wipers leave uneven wipers on the glass, affecting the visual field, that means the wiper rubber is damaged and needs to be replaced .



■ Experience speaks for itself

Check early in rainy season



Summer is a rainy season, the car to do a good job in advance inspection, especially wipers inspection, wipers often work in the rain vulnerable to rain corrosion.At the same time, it is always exposed to the sun, prone to aging, so it is necessary to develop a good habit of fixed inspection wipers .


Wiper rubber aging once found, should be immediately replaced, otherwise the wiper in use, especially when the next rain, will find wiper uneven wipe traces left on the surface of the glass, and frequently when wiping issued a “creak” sound, this is because not fully fit between rubber and glass wiper, flexibility is not enough, so I can’t will wipe clean the water drops on the glass, it will seriously affect the vision.Especially in the heavy rain driving, the line of sight must be the biggest hidden danger of driving safety, especially in the turning section, because the windshield wipers can not timely wipe the rain, easy to form water film refraction on the glass, can not see ahead, in case of emergency, can not make timely response, prone to traffic accidents .



■ Maintenance tips


Can’t wipers brush everything



Many people think of a windshield wiper as the ” eyeglass cloth ” that wipes any smudges on the windshield.In fact, such a misunderstanding is the cause of windshield wipers easy to damage the main reason.Once the windshield wipers are stained with dirt, they should be cleaned in time, because the dirt on the windshield wipers will make the glass more blurred in the process of wiping. When the dirt is attached to the glass, the windshield wipers will drive the dirt to rub the glass, and the glass will be scratched with many small scratches .


When checking wipers, check wiper water to see if the water level is adequate, and also to see if there is any sediment in the storage tank.Use special glass water, can play the role of antisepsis.Also, avoid drying your windshield wipers when there is no water. This will not only damage the windshield wipers, but also greatly reduce the life of the windshield .



■ Shopping tips

Rubber needs to be flexible

General private car wiper blade about a year of use, there will be such problems.



So, how to choose a windshield wiper ?Before you choose a wiper, be sure to know what type of wiper wipers your car is using. For example, the size of windshield wipers varies between imported and domestic cars, high-end and low-end cars, and different series of cars .
If the original metal wiper blade replaced with soft flat wiper blade . The important thing to be aware of when replacing soft flat wiper blade is to pay attention to the size of the wipers when buying, and not to place them firmly on top of the old ones .


Finally, check to see if the double bow bracket under a traditional wiper is rocking back and forth to see if it fits properly into the glass.If conditions permit, check the wiper wiper wiper wiper status, spray some water on the car glass , see whether the wiper rod swing uneven or leakage phenomenon .



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