Driving rain wipers is key



Driving rain wipers is key

Postview: 216       Date:March 30, 2022

Rain driving most cannot leave the wiper, speak of wiper everybody is just generally known that the rubber strip is damaged or is aged to go to change, will not cause the owner how much attention, but often rain driving accidents are caused by the vision of the poor, so do not be careless . 



How to use the wiper tape correctly ?


The quality of the wiper is good or bad, mainly depends on whether it is dry and not clean, such as whether there are residual water marks, whether there is abnormal sound, or whether the wiper is beating. In case of any of the above problems, don’t rush to change the rain wipers. It’s not too late to check the use environment of the car before making judgment .



Generally wiper blade service life is 1—2 years, of course, this life is determined according to the use of the environment, such as long-term parking in the parking lot of open-air wiper long exposure, even left a lot of dust on the glass or bird droppings, resin and other material, don’t clean up and then directly using the wiper, will affect the wiper of the life. At the same time the glass is not clean also can bring about the flutter of the rain scraper, even scratches the glass, this kind of situation can try to use the cleaner to clean the glass to solve .



Rain enemies can also damage the wiper strip if they are not used properly



If neither the glass nor the wipers have any impurities and yet they’re still bouncing, it’s up to you to see if you’ve recently applied “rain enemies” to your front windshield.Because if you don’t apply it evenly, even though it looks clean to the naked eye, it still makes the wiper jump, and the only solution is to reapply it to the glass and apply it evenly. If the car is clean and has not been coated with rain enemies, but still cannot be cleaned, then you need to replace the wipers !



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