Eight Reasons Why The Wiper Shakes



Eight Reasons Why The Wiper Shakes

Postview: 220       Date:March 30, 2022

The wiper is an important guarantee for the car friends’ driving sight. The shaking wiper will not only cause abnormal noise but also can not guarantee the driving sight.


Eight Reasons Why The Wiper Shakes


Jitter Reason 1: There Are Impurities & Foreign Bodies on Surface of Glass.

This is the case when the wind blows to a certain position and the drag increases, causing jitter.


Dry the rain and wipe off the foreign matter on the glass.


Jitter Reason 2: Rain Slicing Aging, Hardening.

The rubber strap is made of rubber, which will deteriorate after being used. It will not fit well with the glass, causing the shaking.


If the tape looks aging, it needs to be replaced in time. It is convenient to choose a wiper that is easy to replace.


Jitter Reason 3: It Is Not Suitable for Angle Glue Stick &  Glass.

Some wiper strips are pressed against the glass, but the force portion is relatively small. When rainwater blows, it is easy to be unevenly stressed, causing jitter.


Adjust the Angle of the rain and glass to make the force even.


Jitter Reason 4: Clearance of Connecting Shaft of The Rain Is Too Large.

There will be more “active space” in the large interaxial gap, which is very helpful for “jitter”.


Adjust the shaft clearance properly.


Jitter Reason 5: Continuous Support Has Been Impacted & Deformed.

Due to the impact of the car accident, it causes the deformation of the connecting bracket. This can result in uneven forces and vibration.


Reduce the deformation and keep the adhesive force uniform. Replace the wire-scraping support when necessary.


Jitter Reason 6: Rain-scraping Arm Connecting The Shaft of Shaft Loose.

The rain arm is not fixed in place and there is no fixed point during the wiper movement, resulting in a swing.


Tighten the screws and the rain will be fixed.


Jitter Reason 7: Tooth Disc of Wiper Blade Is Worn Seriously.

When the tooth disc of the wiper blade is worn seriously, the movement of the rain is not stable, causing the shaking.


Replace the wiper motor assembly when serious.


Jitter Reason 8: Oil Film on Windshield.

The oil film on the windshield will cause the adhesive to be closed and uneven.


Clean the oil film with the wiper and keep the windshield clean.


Topex Reminder

To drive well must have a good line of sight. The wiper is the protection god of the sight. It is necessary to keep the wiper working properly!


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