Eliminate Noise From Wiper Rubber



Eliminate Noise From Wiper Rubber

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Noisy windshield wipers are not just annoying, they can quickly become a safety hazard.

If the noise is too harsh, you can choose to turn off the windshield wipers as much as possible, which will reduce the field of view.

Usually, noise from wiper rubber is caused by the wiper not making proper contact with the windshield.

Without proper contact, the wiper may not be able to remove water from the windshield, which may also cause reduced visibility.


detailed drawing.

Reasons for Noise From Wiper Rubber


1. Causes of dirty wiper noise

There is friction when the wiper wipes on the glass. If there is dirt, particles or impurities in the washing liquid on the glass, the friction will increase and cause abnormal noise of the wiper. The causes of dirt include:

  • There are dust, oil stains, glass slag, rough surface on the glass
  • The washing liquid is mixed with impurity materials and the washing liquid is contaminated
  • The fluff of the glass cleaning pipes, nozzles, liquid storage tanks and other parts themselves

Causes of scraper and scraper noise

The quality of the parts of the scraper is the direct factor causing the noise. The main reasons for the abnormal noise include:

  • The wiper blade is a rubber product. In order to reduce its friction coefficient, a coating (graphite powder) is added on both sides of the blade. However, the cutting edge of the blade is prone to burrs or poor cutting defects, so that when the blade is in contact with the glass, abnormal noise is easily formed due to the large friction
  • The current wiper arm is divided into two types: boneless and boneless. The pressure distribution of the bone wiper is relatively uniform, while the pressure distribution of the bone wiper is determined by the physical characteristics of the reed. The pressure of the scraper arm will directly affect the friction between the scraper and the glass, causing the noise.


  • Deformation of the appearance of the scraper or partial detachment from the scraper arm can also easily cause noise.


Causes of motor wiper noise

The cause of motor wiper noise is because of supplier manufacturing defects and the main reasons include:

  • The motor gear is abnormally meshed, the gear is damaged, and the connecting rod is abnormally shaken during the movement.
  • The noise value of the motor during normal operation (required to be less than 50 decibels).
  • Resonance caused by the hard connection between the motor and the body.
  • Interference with the body steel plate during the movement of the connecting rod.


Causes of windshield wiper noise

To ensure the wiping function, the wiper strip runs on the glass at an angle, the so-called angle of attack. This angle is mainly determined by the glass surface, the torsion angle of the wiper arm, etc. When the wiper strip reaches the left and right vertices (repeated positions) when wiping on the glass, it will flip to ensure the wiper function. Attack If the angle is not good or it is not in theory, it can be flipped repeatedly. The scraper will jump on the glass and produce abnormal noise.


Here Are Some Possible Approaches


1. Thoroughly clean the windshield.

You can use the special glass cleaning fluid for wiper blades.


2. Regularly replace the wiper rubber.

Wiper rubber is not very expensive, so you can buy a good quality rubber. Replace the wiper rubber at least once a year before the rainy season.


3. Replenish windshield fluid.

If the windshield is not wet enough, the wiper blades will jump. You need to check the windshield fluid and add it if necessary.


4. Try the following methods to make the wiper blade softer.

Use rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol will not corrode or damage the wiper blades. Wet one corner of the paper towel with rubbing alcohol, and then wipe the wiper. This will wipe off dirt and grease.


5. Check whether the wiper rubber or the wiper assembly underneath is too loose or too tight.

Too much or too little tension between the glass and the wiper will cause noise.


6. Replace the wiper blade assembly.

Wear caused by long-term use will deform the components supporting the wiper blade. If the wipers can no longer fit the curvature of the windshield well, it is time to replace them with new, high-quality wiper blades.



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