Extend the life of the wiper topex teach you how to do it!



Extend the life of the wiper topex teach you how to do it!

Postview: 220       Date:March 30, 2022

With the arrival of the rainy season in the second half,wipers play an important role in driving safety . It is one of the indispensable auto parts. So you can not avoid the need to replace the new wiper to protect the rainy days of safe travel. So, how can we extend the life of the wiper?


Do not let the wiper blade “knife” into “saw”



A lot of love the owner of the car before driving into the car will be a habitual look at the front windshield with no dust, sediment, guano or other solid adhesives, and some words to scratch the scratch , And then start the car starting friends. Obviously it is not right to do so, do not do this again, this will only wear wiper blade.

Because the wiper blade “knife edge” parts are very fragile, accidentally come up with the gap to “knife” into “saw”.


Topex wipers with heat, cold, acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, can fit the windshield glass, low noise, water and strong, soft and not scratch the windshield glass and so on.


Check if there is damage and rubber leaf elasticity, if the leaves aging, hardening, cracks; then tell you, wipers need to be replaced.


Have the following:

First, confirm the wiper connection and specifications:

Pole connected wiper rocker arm, and some arm is fixed to the rocker with a screw, and some are locked with a convex button. The wiper model for the vehicle can be found in the manual.


Second, the wiper rubber is aging:

Pull the wiper up, with your fingers in the clean rubber wiper on the touch, if the leaves aging, hardening, cracks, then the wiper failed.


Third, at different speeds whether the wiper to maintain a certain speed:

Place the wiper switch in various speed positions, especially if you want to keep the wiper at a certain speed in the intermittent working condition.


Fourth, check the wiper state:

If the rubber contact surface and the glass surface can not be fully fit, resulting in wiping residue, then the wiper failed.


Fifth, the motor with or without abnormal noise:

If the wiper motor “buzzes” does not rotate, indicating that the wiper mechanical transmission part of the rust or stuck place, then immediately turn off the wiper switch to prevent burning the motor.

Cleaning wiper is best to use distilled water or special wiper water cleaning, no words can add a few drops of detergent, do not just find some water and then add. This will not let the wiper nozzle from the dirt plug the wiper nozzle, but also can play the role of lubrication protection wiper blade. If there is a foreign body, with a cloth attached to the strip of dust and sand on the erase, so as not to damage the hard dirt wipes and glass surface.


Pay attention to:

Avoid wiper and windshield long-term fit.


Especially when the summer sun, go out to their own drying rhythm, close to the glass rubber strip is easy because of high temperature, and cause deformation or loss of elasticity, parking can be put up after the wiper, you can also use wood Bars, insulated cotton like a small stuff pad under the wiper. Such a small move, you can protect the wiper, so as to extend the service life of the wiper.


But also to avoid dust attached between the tape and glass, re-use when there will be no debris damage glass and tape. Of course, if the best long-term parking or on the underground parking lot, day and night temperature difference is to accelerate the aging of the wiper tape a fierce culprit.


Acid matter is a razor killer:


Acidic material is simply the biggest killer of the raindrops, so we should promptly for the razor strip “acid” solution. After rainy days, the rain of the acidic material residue will damage the health of the raindrops, so after the rain need to timely car wash.


Tips: wiper is not the longer the better:

Some people think that the longer the length of the wiper blade, the larger the scraping area, the better the field of vision. In fact, the length of the wiper blade can increase the scope of view can be seen, but the relative will increase the wiper motor, wiper pole burden, if you want to lengthen must ensure that the wiper can not interfere with the normal work.

In order to extend the life of the wiper need to do: often check, often clean, problems to be resolved in time, often maintenance, more care.


In fact: in the market sales of wipers are not expensive And topex has always been to high quality service, reasonable price, high quality products, novel appearance stationed in the ranks of wipers.


Topex strives to be the safest wiper.

Topex clean and silenc.