Extend the service life of wiper blades



Extend the service life of wiper blades

Postview: 84       Date:July 20, 2023

The data shows that the life of wiper blades is about half a year to one year.

But many people can only use it for three or four months, why ?

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Many car enthusiasts’ cars are still under warranty, and several of them have replaced the wiper blades. Some people always feel that the wiper blades on their cars are not clean.

The wiper is an accessory with a relatively short service life on the car and is a vulnerable part. Knowing some common sense about wiper blades and paying attention can help prolong the service life of wiper blades.


Check wiper blade rubber

We all know that the scraping strip of the wiper blade is a rubber strip. After years of sunshine, the rubber tends to harden and lose its softness. Therefore, we need to choose A-level rubber strips (wiper blade rubber is divided into AA rubber, A rubber, B, C, etc.). A has a higher rubber content and is more durable.

In addition, sometimes the wiper blades cannot be scraped clean because the rubber strip is stained with impurities, so when car owners clean the car regularly, remember to clean the wiper blades, so as to prolong the service life.


Timely cleaning of wiper foreign matter

The foreign matter existing on the front windshield of the car needs to be cleaned up in time.

We need to know that the function of the wiper blade is to help drivers and friends clean up the accumulated water on the windshield in a rainy day to ensure a clear driving vision.

Therefore, the wiper blade is not a universal cleaner, it can only wipe rain and dust. When there are particles and debris on the windshield of the car, the wiper blades cannot be cleaned.

Many car owners like to park their cars under trees for shade in summer, which will cause many small particles on the trees to fall on the windshield, causing the wiper blades to be unclean. So, you might as well prepare a clean feather duster or car brush, and wipe the windshield when you have time.

Dry wipe damage to wiper blades

Car owners use the wiper blades indiscriminately, causing damage and shortening the service life of the wiper blades.

Many friends have a habit of using the wiper blades to clean the windshield from time to time, but they don’t spray much water.

Such a habit is fatal to the wiper blade. It was also mentioned just now that the function of the wiper blade is very single, so don’t use it indiscriminately.

If the rubber of the wiper blade directly contacts the glass, it is likely to cause problems with both the rubber and the glass, and bring economic losses to the car owner.

If the windshield is really not clean enough while driving, you can use wiper blades to deal with it, but it must be sprayed with water and must not be wiped dry.


By doing the above points, the effect of extending the wiper blade can be achieved.

Wiper blade driving safety is the most important thing, I hope everyone will take good care of the wiper blade of your car.


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