Features and advantages of hybrid wiper blade


hybrid wiper blade



About the rubber

High performance Malaysian natural rubber
Superior wipe elements, smoother, cleaner wipe performance.



About the Steel Sheet

Stainless Steel Sheet

Features beam blade technology for improved , streak-free performance .

Hybrid Wiper Blade Easy Installation

TOPEX high quality hybrid wiper blade is designed for easy own diy installation .


Features & Benefits


Engineered for maximum contact with today ’s curved windshields .


Superior all weather performance .


Stainless Steel Sheet beam structure provides optimal windshield contact and pressure .


Suitable for the most widely and popular U wiper arm on the market .


Universal Hybrid Wiper Blade Advantages


Three-stage diversion design

The pressure can be evenly distributed on the entire wiper blade, closer to the windshield arc , providing a wiping effect .


Dedicated interface design

The special interface design, dedicated to the car, adapts to each interface of each model, to ensure the stability and safety during the driving process .


Structural guide vane

It reduces wind resistance while still providing very good pressure, ensuring a clear view .


High strength housing

Hard material, good barrier performance, prevent the high temperature of rubber and guarantee service life.


Another feature to look out for : How often should you change the wiper blades ?


Every 6-12 months .

It is recommended that you change your wiper blades every 6-12 months .

Windshield wipers are made from rubber which is degradable , and becomes less effective over time .

You should get into the habit of checking your wipers regularly and know what signs to look out for as they begin to wear out .



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