Hidden dangers are everywhere .



Hidden dangers are everywhere .

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2019-08 Mid-term


What is the most important thing to drive ? It must be safe !


The most important thing about safe driving is sight  .


Once the line of sight is blocked , blurred


Will greatly increase our safety risks




When driving, the windshield is like our glasses


But it is also the dirtiest place in the car.


Once the windshield becomes dirty, it not only affects the appearance


Is a threat to our security


According to previous years’ data


The cause of some traffic accidents


Accidents caused by scratching the glass and blurring the line due to the wiper blade on rainy days


40% of traffic accidents

( The emergence of each inferior wiper will be the biggest hidden danger of traffic accidents  )


Unclear vision


So having a good wiper is very important


In addition to having a high-quality wiper


The cooperation of glass water can not be underestimated


Many riders will think that glass water is not important .


Add some tap water after washing the car .


In fact, this practice is very undesirable .


Tap water can only be used for emergency treatment


Because it contains various impurities


If you use tap water for a long time instead of glass water


Will cause dirt to block the wiper blade nozzle


And it will also lead to accelerated ageing of the wiper blade rubber.


Tap water can’t replace glass water, which is also the top priority of conservation.


Rubber aging


Everyone should be clear about this .


A reliable wiper blade is more important for driving safety


There are too many brands of wiper blades on the market .


The quality is even more uneven


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We know that safety is the most important requirement for drivers .

Only the safest wipers can meet the needs of drivers .


We hope that the topex wiper will provide you and your family with the safest protection regardless of day or night , or rain or fine weather .


Choose topex, choose trust, buy wiper, I choose to wait for you !






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