High quality hybrid wiper blades character



High quality hybrid wiper blades character

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Hybrid wiper blades are a combination of conventional and beam blades .


High quality hybrid blades : Are more aerodynamic .

Have the all-weather wiping efficiency of a beam blade and have precise pressure points for exceptional wiping performance .


Key feature :

1. Longer service life due to uniform contact pressure .

2. Simple fitting instructions supplied .

3. Fewer problems with insects and stubborn dirt thanks to constant force distribution .

4. Built-in spoiler keeps the blade closer to the windscreen for clear vision at high speeds .

5. Malaysia natural rubber refills 100% compatible with standard wiper blades .

6. We have more sizes for universal wiper blade: 14″ – 28″.


A typical Hybrid Wiper Blades is recommended.


T-100 Hybrid wiper blade




The combined advantages of advanced engineering , superior materials and futuristic design .

Topex universal hybrid wiper Blade some of the most desirable in the world . 

It ‘ s no wonder they are the original equipment choice of some of the world ’s top vehicle marques . 

Featuring the same exacting technologies and gives you and your customers unprecedented access to the future of wiper technology .

High quality hybrid wiper

Three-stage diversion design

The pressure can be evenly distributed on the entire wiper blade, closer to the windshield arc, providing a wiping effect .


Dedicated interface design 

The special interface design, dedicated to the car, adapts to each interface of each model .

To ensure the stability and safety during the driving process .


Structural guide vane

It reduces wind resistance while still providing very good pressure, ensuring a clear view . 


High strength housing

Hard material , good barrier performance, prevent the high temperature of rubber and guarantee service life .


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