How does the wiper fail when it rains?



How does the wiper fail when it rains?

Postview: 205       Date:March 30, 2022

Rainy day driving, regardless of the rain is big or small; if the wiper failure can not be ruled out, can not effectively clean the windshield above the rain, people’s attention will be extremely reduced. Security is not guaranteed, can not continue to drive.


At this point may wish to try the “soap method” can effectively solve the problem. It is easy to just wipe a layer of soap on the windshield, so you can keep three or four minutes of clear line of sight; at the same time can also be applied to the rear window  soap to improve the effect of bad view. If there is no soap, you can buy it at the convenience store.

The wiper blade is a piece of iron wrapped in rubber sheet, inserted in the way to the end of the rocker arm. So a long time, the rocker will relax, the wiper blade will fall; resulting in the end of the rocker directly to the windshield above the friction. Not only do not clean the rain, but will scratch the glass.

Two wipers at the same time the situation is not a lot of fall, if the left is the driver’s seat, you can remove the right side of the helmet wipers, installed to the left, and then find the block rags will be the right of the rain play , Or too troublesome, simply remove the rocker, to avoid scratching the windshield.


As the summer rain and fog days, need to check the wiper in advance, scraper film if there is crack, will cause the rain is not clean or wiper abnormal jitter, affecting safe driving, should be replaced, and timely filling glass cleaning fluid.

For the safety of your family and family, please develop a good habit of safe driving.