How long is the life of a pair of wipers ?



How long is the life of a pair of wipers ?

Postview: 239       Date:March 30, 2022

The weather is getting hotter and hotter , and there is more rain. The wiper is of course used more frequently. It didn’t take long for many people to use this wiper to break down. Where did this problem appear ?


How long can a qualified wiper last ? I will share with you today .


Wiper life


The wiper is actually composed of many parts on the structure. For example, some electric wipers are equipped with a control switch, or a rain sensor .


In addition to the rubber part, all parts of the wiper must pass at least 1.5 million brushing cycles .

They must also have the ability to work normally. Each part must not be loose or abnormal .


According to a car for five years, 100,000 times a year, basically enough, no problem at all . In other words, we basically only pay attention to rubber. If the arm is broken, it is basically a quality problem .


In fact, the most influential component is the wiper blade rubber. Our topex wiper strips are mainly made of three grades, one is called NR natural rubber, the other is called CR neoprene, Malaysian rubber. . . (NR ZR AA A B C)


The composite material, plus a little additive, gives the rubber strip a good ductility and fit . A layer of graphite is applied to the outside of the strip to reduce the friction between the glass and the best results .


According to national standards, the wiper strip has a durability of at least 500,000 scratch cycles and a design life of three to five years .


It is estimated that many people will be depressed, three years a year? Why is the actual three-month wiper not working, and what will actually cause the wiper to wear out? Let’s share it with you .


Clean and silent !


The first is that the wiper itself is not clean. When there is a gap between the wiper blade and the glass, such as dust, sand, and small particles, it is easy to wear off the layer of the lubricated graphite .

This leads to greater resistance and even jumps, resulting in a shorter wiper life .


Special alert


Do not dry dry scraping , severely damage the strip, and the glass may scratch.


Corrosion aging also causes the rubber to shorten the wiper life. The rubber itself will also deteriorate. If you buy the wiper once, you won’t need it. The sun will be put on the sun, and the quality of the wiper will drop dramatically after one year .


It is also very important to choose a better neutral glass water .


The above is the attention we take in daily operation, so that the wiper life can be extended .

If the wiper is erected in winter, don’t let it stick together with the glass ice. This is relatively helpful for life .


Try to avoid exposure during the summer, or set the car, or try to stop the underground garage, this is a very big benefit .




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