How often does the wiper change ?



How often does the wiper change ?

Postview: 122       Date:March 30, 2022

 How often does the wiper change ?

In general, the rain scraper should be replaced once every 6/12 months. The maintenance cycle stipulated by different automobile manufacturers is not completely the same, and the specific replacement cycle shall be subject to the requirements of automobile manufacturers .


Note: the size and quantity of rain scraper should be confirmed when purchasing. The size of rain scraper in driving seat and passenger seat is mostly different. Special attention should be paid when purchasing .


Above is the normal use of rain scraper replacement cycle, when rain scraper appears the following symptoms, may have to be replaced in advance .


Damage that can be distinguished with eyes: rupture, crack, aging, rust, deformation, adhesion, discoloration, etc., it is recommended to replace the rain scraper in time .


  Damage that can be identified with the ear: the rubber strip has fallen off the skeleton, and each time it is scraped, it slaps against the front windshield, making abnormal sounds such as jumping and shaking.It is recommended to replace the rain scraper in time .


When using a wiper, it is recommended to replace the wiper if it leaves a scratch on both sides or in the middle of the glass after each scratch.



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