How often should the wiper blades be replaced ?



How often should the wiper blades be replaced ?

Postview: 127       Date:March 30, 2022


How often does the car wiper need to be replaced ?


Automobile wiper blades are generally made of rubber .

Automobile wiper blades are vulnerable parts and have their own service life .

Wind , sun , and rain will cause the rubber of the wiper blade to age , and the scratching performance will decrease .
After the performance of the wiper rubber is reduced , the problem of unclean wipers will occur , which will seriously affect the driving vision .


So , how often does the wiper blade need to be replaced ?

Generally speaking , the use time of the wiper is about 6 months to 1 year , and the wiper blade should be replaced after the longest use of 2 years .

( Of course , it is not recommended to use the wiper blade for 2 years . )

However , the use environment and the quality of the rubber itself, and the specific replacement time are also different .

If the following phenomena occur , the wiper blades need to be replaced in time .


1 .  Fine water phenomenon

The water drop phenomenon means that after the wiper blade has been wiped once , there are still small water droplets attached to the windshield .

This may be caused by problems such as car wax or oil film and the quality of the wiper blade itself , and the water droplets remaining on the windshield can easily cause blurred vision and affect driving safety .

When this phenomenon occurs , it is necessary to prepare to replace the wiper blades .


2. There is a problem with the rubber

Rubber is out of date or because the glass is waxed , improper addition of wiper water containing ammonia or chlorine accelerates the hardening of the rubber .


What should I pay attention to in daily use of wiper blades in order to make the life longer ?

First of all , wiper blades are most afraid of dry scraping without water .

When there is no water on the glass and the wiper blade is scraping back and forth , the friction of the dust particles on the glass is very large .

” Squeaking “ may not only scratch the glass , increase the resistance , and damage the motor of the wiper very large .

Therefore , before starting the wiper blade , it is best to spray glass water first . When the water reaches the wiper blade , the wiper blade can be opened .

If it is rainy , it is easier to handle it . After the rainwater slightly wets the glass, you can turn on the wiper blades .


Secondly , wiper blades are also more afraid of dust .

During driving, some small gravel , dust particles or bird droppings will inevitably adhere to the windshield .

When the wiper blade is in operation , dust will adhere to the wiper, which increases the resistance and friction of the wiper .

This kind of damage is equivalent to sanding your windshield with sandpaper , causing extra wear when the wiper is working normally.

Therefore , we can prepare a soft wiper cloth in the car daily, sweep and wipe the dust on the glass , and wipe the wiper blade rubber at the same time , which can extend the service life of the wiper blade to a certain extent .


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