How to choose high-quality wiper blades ?



How to choose high-quality wiper blades ?

Postview: 292       Date:March 30, 2022

Choose high-quality wiper blades :


There are roughly two types of wiper blades, one is the traditional intermittent type, which is the most common wiper blade, ranging from three to four.

It is up to the driver to adjust according to the rain and sight conditions; the other is the raindrop sensor type, which is mostly used in middle and high-end vehicles in recent years.

High-quality wiper blades must have cold resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance.

It can fit the windshield, reducing the burden on the motor, have low noise, has strong water repellency, is soft and does not scratch the windshield, etc . which can make your field of vision wider and new.

To ensure driving safety, wiper blades need to be replaced every six months to one year.


Choose the following five points of high-quality wiper blades :


1. First find out which type of wiper blade your car uses, you can refer to the vehicle manual to see the wiper model indicated above. ( High-quality wiper blades are preferred )


2. Pay attention to whether the way the support rod is connected to the wiper rocker arm is matched,

because some support arms are fixed to the rocker arm with screws, and some are locked by the convex buckle.

Remember to pay attention when buying.


3. Pull up the wiper and touch the cleaned rubber wiper blade with your fingers to check for damage and the elasticity of the rubber blade.

If the blade is aging, hardened, and cracked, the wiper blade is unqualified.


4. During the test, place the wiper switch at various speed positions and check whether the wiper blade maintains a certain speed at different speeds.

Especially in intermittent working conditions, pay attention to whether the wiper blade maintains a certain speed when moving.


5. Check the state of the wiper, and whether the wiper rod has uneven swing or missed scraping.

If the following three situations occur, the wiper blade is unqualified.


6. TOPEX could offer many types of quality wiper blades as follows:

flat wiper blade 

metal wiper blade

hybrid wiper blade

OE exact fit wiper blade

rear wiper blade

Silicone wiper blade

snow wiper blade

heated wiper blade

boat wiper blade


Remember: To ensure driving safety, you must choose high-quality and qualified wiper blades. 

The wiper needs to be replaced every six months to a year, clean, and maintain.


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