How to do? What should I do if the wipers are not clean?



How to do? What should I do if the wipers are not clean?

Postview: 194       Date:March 30, 2022

What if the wipers are not clean when you are driving in wet weather or dusty conditions? Wiper blades always seem to have streaks, unless they’re brand new. No matter how many times you spray the cleaning fluid, the wipers will leave a small amount of water or a lot of uncleaned spots on the windshield. Do you need to replace it again?

The effective operation of the wiper depends on its ability to apply uniform pressure on the windshield. You need a clean windshield and a clean wiper to remove any obstacles.

1. The blade of blade without a soft flat wiper blade is not the same as the blade with a metal wiper.

2. The problem of drift angle deviation.

3. The scraper arm pressure is too large.

4. The driver replaces the glass with tap water.



The machine is off

When the wiper arm spring is loose, or the wiper arm has screws, the wiper arm can’t bear the wind cut between the vehicles. When driving, you will see the wiper beckoning, then you really don’t know where to fly.

Not scratching up and down

In the case where the rubber is not aged and the arm pressure is within the range of use, the glass is too dirty. In addition, acid rain does not dissolve the oil on the glass.

Special attention: car wipers are only suitable for cleaning the rain, not to clean the oil.

Acid rain does not melt the oil on the glass, which can result in dirty cloth. However, you can add detergent to the glass water storage tank. After it is dissolved, wipe it a few times to clean it.

A direction that is not cleaned up and down.

The pressure of the scraping arm is given by the spring pulling force hidden under the scraping arm. The long-distance round-trip operation will cause the scraping arm to deform.

At this time, the old wiper is also deformed, and the upper and lower wipers can be scraped off. Rain, and replacing it with a new wiper will cause it to go up or down.

This problem has nothing to do with the wiper. Just adjust the wiper arm to correct it and the problem will be solved. When there is a trace of grain on the windshield, tiny particles such as leaves fall on the windshield, lift the wiper, and wipe the rubber and wiper back down with a towel to disappear.


After the analysis of the wiper failures in these issues, we found that there are different problems in the car wiper, such as the deformation of the wiper blade, the work efficiency reduces, the loosening of the fastening screw causing the windshield to work closely during the work of the windshield.

These problems can be solved by basic handling including daily tightening and replacement of wipers.  ( Select wiper, Topex preferred )

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