How to drive safely in mist weather ?


With the advent of April .


It has been rainy and mist recently ,


Such weather will have a great impact on driving ,


It will even directly affect driving safety .


In mist weather , the sight becomes worse and the road condition cannot be judged .


So the question is , how to drive safely in rainy and mist weather ?




Maintain good driving vision


Be sure to check the wiper blade before driving .


The main function of the wiper blade is to wipe off the rainwater from the windshield .


Reduce the time that rainwater stays on the glass and reduce the interference with the driver ‘ s vision .


Because of the irreplaceable effect of wiper blades , daily inspection of wipers is very important .


Topex soft flat rubber wiper blade ,


It can be more than ten times stronger than a normal wiper ,


Better protect your travel safety .




Professional double A rubber can effectively help you to solve the problem of scratching .


When the sight is unclear , the repair function is doubled .


The most important thing is that the topex soft flat wiper blade does not leave water marks after use .


Scrape cleaner , no need to worry about blurred vision .




Drive slowly , don’ t brake sharply ;


Rainy and foggy roads are slippery . Pay attention to driving slowly .


Don’ t step on the brakes quickly , otherwise it will be easy to ” offside . “


When decelerating , it is mainly controlled by the amount of force on the accelerator to avoid side slip caused by stepping on the brakes .



Make a slow turn , don’ t rush the steering wheel ;


If you can’ t see the curve on the opposite side , you should honk to remind the opposite car to pay attention .


At the same time , be gentle on the steering wheel . Don ‘ t hit the steering wheel or brakes .



Minimize overtaking and parallel lines .


Vehicle control in rainy days is more difficult than in normal weather .



Increase the distance between the front and rear :


When driving , be careful not to drive side by side with other vehicles ;



The slippery road also makes the braking distance longer ,

so it is necessary to appropriately increase the distance between the front and rear vehicles .





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