How to improve the safety and performance of car wiper blade ?


Although the wiper blade is small , it has a lot of learning .

About the safety value and performance improvement of car wipers.



The wiper blade is a very simple car component , but its importance to the car is self-evident .
In fact, the wiper blade is like a human eyelash, which can block the wind , sand and rain, and provide a clear vision for the driver .
The birth of the wiper blade has a history of several decades, and the experience brought by each innovation is very shocking .



Car wiper can’t move, what’s the matter? How to repair ?



1. The scratching of the wiper is a very common problem in the use of the wiper . We classify and solve according to the degree of failure .

In order to avoid the failure of the wiper, the usual inspection and maintenance work is particularly important .


Be sure to wipe the wiper in advance after the wiper . Do not wait until it is dry naturally to speed up the aging of the wiper . In addition, the dust on the glass should be used before the wiper is used .



2. If the wiper has a slight fault, it may be loose in the screw part of the wiper . We only need to check and tighten the screw in time .



3. Check whether the motor is running normally, check the wear between the rods, and whether the connecting rod is short of oil .

If there is, then you need to replace the connecting rod. In addition, the wiper is prone to aging during use. If the rubber material on the wiper is aging, it will cause scratching . Only the wiper can be replaced. Reliable work is far from enough .



More than two-thirds of traffic accidents in rainy days are caused by unclear sight lines in front of the vehicle .
Choosing a good wiper is a guarantee of a good view in front of the rainy day .



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Several causes of car wiper failure


Car wipers are very important for drivers in driving, providing a bright view .

And when it fails, it has a very big impact on the driver’s driving safety .

There are many reasons why a car wiper power source can cause a car wiper to fail .



The following two types of faults have a higher probability of occurrence :



Motor failure .


Usually sent directly to the factory for repair, or replace it with a new one .

Due to the complexity of the motor mechanism, it is not recommended for the driver to repair it himself .

Transmission line failure. There are two types, which are short circuit and open circuit .


In actual repairs, it is basically because the switch is broken, or the contact is poor, so the fault is carefully analyzed .



And what is the reason why the wiper is not clean ?



1. The wiper blade has failed .


2. The wiper arm is too loose .


3. The glass water purifier is faulty .







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