How to keep the sight of the driver clear on a rainy day?



How to keep the sight of the driver clear on a rainy day?

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Sight is an important aspect affecting the driver’s driving . Keeping the line of sight clear is a concern for every driver. In the summer, with high temperatures and frequent showers and heavy rains, how can we keep our sights clear in such weather ?



♠  Make sure the wiper is at its best

Speaking of the auto parts that must be used during the rainy days, I believe the first one will be thought of as a wiper. Yes, as the name implies, the main function of the wiper is to scrape the rain on the windshield, reduce the time for the rain to stay on the glass, and reduce the interference to the driver’s vision. It is because of the irreplaceable function of the wiper that daily inspection of the wiper is very important .


If you do not use it for a long time, or if dirt, silt, oil, or other dirt accumulates, or if you use it for too long, the strip will harden and age. This will cause the wiper blade to fail to fully adhere to the glass surface when working. Banded or fog-like scratches appear on the glass, causing the driver to see the road ahead of the vehicle. Therefore, the owner should regularly clean up the dust and debris accumulated on the wiper, and check the working effect of the wiper, if necessary, replace the new wiper blade .


If the wiper operates abnormally, or if it malfunctions, repair it in a professional repair shop or replace the wiper assembly .



♦  Try to prevent the window glass fogging


Because of the hot weather and high humidity, when driving in summer rain, due to the difference in temperature between inside and outside, it is easy to cause front and rear windshields to fog and affect sightlines .


The simplest and most commonly used method is to use air conditioning to remove fog. Just turn on the air conditioner and switch the wind mode to the windshield stop. This cold air blows onto the glass and forms a “cold film” on the surface of the glass. The mist will soon be dispersed and the effect will be very quick and direct .



♣  Use lighting system rationally


The use of lighting systems on rainy days. In most cases, the weather will be darker when it rains, and with the impact of rain, the line of sight will be greatly affected. Therefore, in the event of heavy rain, especially heavy rain, the low-beam and fog lights should be turned on in time to not only illuminate the road ahead, but also make it possible for the vehicle in front to notice the position of the rear vehicle and reduce accidents when changing lanes. Chance .


(X)A very common misunderstanding is that many people open a “double flash” to warn the front and rear vehicles. In fact, this is wrong and it is very dangerous . 


On the one hand, the rear vehicle may mistakenly believe that the vehicle that opened the “dual flash” is malfunctioning and stops on the road. When the distance is predicted and the lane is changed, it may be dangerous . On the other hand, turn on the “dual flash” “Afterwards, most vehicles can no longer use the turn signals normally, which means that the rear vehicles cannot judge whether or not the other party intends to change lanes or change lanes. This is very easy to cause accidents .



Therefore, when driving normally, it is sufficient to open the headlights and front and rear fog lamps. When it is necessary to change lanes, turn signals must be used .



In order to drive the sight more clearly, but also for their own personal safety, must be ready before the summer rainy season. First place in safe driving !


Wipers – the most important driving safety !


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