How to maintain wipers?



How to maintain wipers?

Postview: 198       Date:March 30, 2022

In the car a series of maintenance, the car wipers are often overlooked. One is because the value of the whole body parts, it is relatively worthless, on the other hand, it is a weather product, only in the rain when the time will be used, there is no sense of existence. In fact, although the wiper is not very valuable, the value is very large, in the rain when the time can effectively poke the rain, so that it does not block the owner line of sight to ensure smooth traffic.

Method / step:


  • The life of any thing to form a good habit. In the use of wipers, do not dry scraping, it is best to first spray glass water and then open, so not only conducive to the protection of glass, but also conducive to the protection of wipers. When the car is not used for a long time, you can use a small wooden pad in the wiper, the wiper film and windshield separated from each other, is conducive to extend the life of the wiper.


  • Often wipers, because the wiper is a weather product, less used, in the car owners do car maintenance, often ignore the existence of wipers, long-term so, wipers are easy to damage. If you are in the dusty northern city, there will be many sand and particles attached to the wipers and windshield strips, long-term clean, unknowingly your car glass and wipers are broken. So cleaning wipers is necessary, in the car wash, the first wiping lift, along the direction of the strip rinse, strength to light, be sure to gentle operation.


  • The structure of the wiper is rubber strip plus steel frame, should avoid the violent impact, so that the wiper and the glass between the loose, resulting in wear and tear. When in the summer, the sun’s high temperature is easy to soften the rubber, deformation, loss of flexibility. So we should try to avoid the car in the hot sun exposure. In addition, after each stop to put up the wiper, to avoid the wiper has been with the glass fit.


  • In the wiper strip wear serious, the need for timely replacement. Do not save money, only change the rain film. Because a long time to scrap the rain action, will make the steel shelf loss of memory function, loss of flexibility, can not be restored. In the installation of new strips of time, there will be scraping clean, easy to spread and other issues, accidentally easy to a security risk.


In summary: Maintenance of the car is a meticulous and careful living, need to be exhaustive, in order to make the car to give us the best driving experience.