How to pick a good wiper blade?



How to pick a good wiper blade?

Postview: 206       Date:March 30, 2022

There are four general types of wipers:

  • 1.Bone: You can obviously see the metal skeleton.
  • 2.Traditionally no bone: outside the package of rubber, which is a metal spring.

3.No three-segment type: there are three sections, the  support body is plastic, built-in metal spring.

4.A new generation of non-bone three-stage: there are  three sections, the support body is plastic and metal  skeleton, built-in metal spring, is a combination of bone  and bone, generally divided into bone wipers.



First of all: first understand the car is what kind of specifications of the wiper blade, you can refer to the manual, look at the wiper model above, or drive to the parts store, so that clerks look at what kind of leaves. In general, the wiper blade will be associated with the metal pole with the sale, rarely sell leaf, of course, the price of the blade with the pole will be more expensive. If it is not clear, let the parts store clerk to help identify.

Second: pay attention to the rod connected to the wiper arm way to match, because some arm is fixed with screws to the rocker, and some are built with the convex button lock, buy a lot of attention.

Finally: 1. the rain pull up, with your fingers in the clean rubber wiper film touch, check for damage, and rubber leaf elasticity;if the leaves aging, hardening, cracks, then the wiper blade failed.

  1. In the test, the wiper switch placed in a variety of speed positions, check the different speed of the wiper is to maintain a certain speed. Especially in the intermittent working conditions, pay attention to whether the wiper blade in the movement to maintain a certain speed. Check the wiper state, and whether the wiper pole swing or uneven phenomenon.

If the following three conditions, this wiper failed:

  1. Swing is not smooth, wipers are not normal beating.
  2. Rubber contact surface and the glass surface can not be fully fit, and produce wiping residue.
  3. After wiping the glass surface showed water film state, the glass produces small stripes, fog and linear residue.


Special attention: the test should pay attention to the motor with or without abnormal voice, in particular, should be noted that when the wiper motor “buzzing” do not turn, that wiper mechanical transmission part of the rust or stuck Place, then immediately turn off the wiper switch to prevent burning the motor.

In summary: choose a good wiper blade is not difficult.

To ensure your safety, wiper blades should be changed every six months or a year.

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