How to relieve the hardening of the wiper rubber ?

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sually, if you have time to clean the wiper blade yourself, you need to pay attention to it. The cleaning agent used should not contain ammonia. Generally speaking, the soap and disinfectant used in the home contain ammonia, which is the killer that causes the rubber to harden. Therefore, the owner should remember to choose a special cleaning agent to “care” the car.



Avoid wiper dry scraping glass


Many car owners will encounter a thick layer of dirt, dust and leaves on the windshield when they travel. After using the car, they will use the wiper to remove the dirt. In the process, there is no first spot. water. The wiper is a relatively fragile rubber product. If you use a wiper to clean the hard parts on the windshield, it will be easy to shape the wiper. So the best way is to clean the windshield by hand. The sundries on it, then spray water, then use the wiper .




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