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T-100 (1)


Brand Name: TOPEX


Product Parameters :

Model:  T-100

Wiper type:  Three-stage wiper

Packing specification:  Suit


Certificates : ISO9001

Be fit for left-hand and right-hand driving car

Product specifications:  14″ – 28″ (350-700mm)



Apply to specific wiper arms as below :


1. U-HOOK wiper blade arms: 7.8*7mm

2. U-HOOK wiper blade arms: 9*11mm

3. U-HOOK wiper blade arms: 8.7*7mm


T-100 (2)



Suitable for below car type :


# Japanese car models :




# American car models :




# Europen car models:






♠ Product shooting physical map ♠



T-100 (3)

T-100 (4)




Three-stage diversion design


The pressure can be evenly distributed on the entire wiper blade, closer to the windshield arc, providing a wiping effect .



Dedicated interface design


The special interface design, dedicated to the car, adapts to each interface of each model, to ensure the stability and safety during the driving process .



Structural guide vane


It reduces the wind resistance while still providing very good pressure, ensuring a clear view .


High strength housing


Hard material, good barrier performance, prevent high temperature of rubber and guarantee service life .



T-100 (5)

T-100 (5)



High quality steel sheet :


High-quality steel sheet, good toughness, strong recovery, high carbon content; thus ensuring the stability of the wiper .



Structural design :


It reduces the wind resistance while still providing very good pressure to ensure a clear view .



Malaysian Rubber :


Process treatment, effectively resisting high temperature and low temperature environment, thus prolonging the service life and performance of rubber .



T-100 (7)



1. Interface bayonet


2. Diversion card lock


3. Diversion main card lock


4. Diversion card lock


5. Multi-point metal bracket


6. Steel sheet


7. Steel sheet


8. Rubber


The new three-stage baffle design combines aerodynamics with a hidden skeleton .


ABS three-section deflector, using wind pressure to reduce windage ; reduce the impact on driving .




♠  Wiper dynamics  ♠


Whether the wiper needs to be replaced can be judged by the effect of the wiper



 Topex wiper  PK  Market wiper


T-100 (8)



After one month of normal use :

Equivalent to more than 10,000 hanging brushes



Normal use for three months :

Equivalent to more than 50,000 hanging brushes

After six months of normal use :

Equivalent to more than 150,000 hanging brushes



Advantage comparison : Focus on detail and accuracy .


T-100 (9) 

T-100 (10)

T-100 (11) 

T-100 (12) 

T-100 (13) \ T-100 (14)

T-100 (15)



After the comparison :


High temperature resistanceAnti-freezing


AntioxidationComfortable and quietUniform pressure




♠  Packaging inspection and shipping  ♠



T-100 (16)

T-100 (17)


Packing inspection: Topex employees are packaged according to a uniform quantity . Special plastic parts will have anti-friction and anti-squeeze protection measures; the color box seals shall not be cracked; they shall not be short-loaded, missed or mixed; the carton interface seals or nails are firm. Reliable, sealed and packaged firmly .



Supply Ability  :


100000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Packaging & DeliveryPackaging Details

Color Box, Single Blister, Double blister of wiper blade


10 pieces/inner box 50 pieces/outer box

Port: Xiamen  /  Lead Time :30 days


T-100 (18) 

T-100 (19)


Choose Your Own Package


NO.1 :  TOPEX Package


NO.2 :  Your Own Package


NO.3 :  Your Idea And Our Designer



TOPEX wiper blade windshield wipers soft wiper blade :


* Delivers smooth, quiet, clean, smear free wiping .


* The improved flexible spine design insures maximum screen contact .


* The bracketless design offers better resistance to ice and snow build-up .


* Temperature Tolerance: +158F to -40F (+70C to -40C) .




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