Industry dry goods ! When the wiper blade is wiped, it beats ? ? ?



Industry dry goods ! When the wiper blade is wiped, it beats ? ? ?

Postview: 197       Date:March 30, 2022
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The water-repellent glass used to use a water-repellent agent , resulting in an increase in the friction coefficient of the glass surface and unevenness .


Countermeasures : Thoroughly clean the windshield . ( It is not recommended for the owner to use the water-repellent agent , causing excessive friction surfaces to dry up and increasing the burden on the wiper motor . )


Wiper arm twist angle (attack angle) deviation .


It happened in the summer of the sun .


Countermeasures: In the summer, after a long period of high temperature exposure, the rubber deformation, bias, and occasional beating ;

Also because of the temperature difference in the high temperature exposure, the temperature difference is too large, and the physical changes cause the beating.

There will be improvement after recovery, such as the long time can not be restored, had to replace the wiper or rubber .



Wiper arm pressure is too low


Countermeasures : Check the wiper arm pressure . Different sizes of pressure standards are different .

Please use a short 1 size or 2 size wiper to retest . If it still doesn’t work , please consider the wiper arm problem.




Wiper has a high frequency hum when turning over

It often happens that when the rainfall is low , the slower the scraping speed , the louder the sound :


Glass cognac : When the rainfall is small , short-term occurrence is a normal phenomenon ; it will disappear on its own .


Rubber problem: If the rubber expires or because the glass is waxed, the addition of improper wiper water containing ammonia or chlorine accelerates the hardening of the rubber .


Windshield with wax : Cleaning the windshield .


Glass surface problem

Countermeasures : This is necessary for the owner to clean the glass surface .

Method : First wipe the dust on the glass with a dry cloth , then use a deep layer of glass to polish the brightener, wipe it with a thin layer of uniform coating on the windshield , spray it after a few minutes , and wipe it with a cloth .


Wiper arm or connecting rod gap causes uneven pressure

Countermeasures : After the parking is stopped , the wiper can continue to swing and spray with water, and then gently press the finger on the action wiper arm.

If the sound disappears automatically , it is recommended to check the connecting rod and other kits .





Beep sounds when scratching in a single direction, possibly accompanied by fast frequency bounce


Smooth no sound , Reverse scraping had sound .

Countermeasures : The cause is that the wiper arm angle deviation or the rubber deformation causes the rubber wiper lip to fail to turn over during the reverse scraping.

First remove the rubber and then put the rubber back to see if it can be improved. If there is no improvement, adjust the wiper arm angle .


Length matching error : can try to reduce one inch .


Wiper arm angle : Adjust the wiper arm so that it is perpendicular to the windshield .





Scratch and other scratch problems


The wiper blade is in the middle of the wiper blade ( the undershoot of the wiper arm is insufficient or the glass curvature is not matched .  It is recommended to use a bone or three-stage wiper . )


Backward scraping returns to the water when returning (the wiper reed arc does not match the glass curvature . )


Large area leakage (check if the buckle is installed in place. If the buckle is installed in place, the same problem still exists. Adjust the wiper arm angle so that it is perpendicular to the glass surface . )


A certain section can not be wiped off (the possibility of rubber deformation is large, and the detachable rubber is installed in reverse to see the wiping effect . )





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