Influence of haze on wiper blade?


Haze days on the impact of vehicles blocking 


driving line of sight , affect driving safety .


Haze he air contains  acid and sulfuric acid 


Fog combined with acid , will cover the surface of the car rain blade .



Because of the haze weather car owners will open the rain wiper blade .


As a result , the wiper blade will stick to these small particles , affecting the use effect and life .


In addition : moggy days tend to lead to poor air exchange in the engine ,Increased fuel consumption over time .




In addition , the influence of haze days on vehicles lies in health .


Smog can leave dust and bacteria in the air filter, causing mold and odor .


Due to the novel coronavirus ( ” COVID – 19 ” ) ;


it is recommended to reduce unnecessary outdoor wear masks ; Wash your hands frequently .


While ensuring travel safety , protect yourself .





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