Influence wiper blade brush test the reason?



Influence wiper blade brush test the reason?

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  Wiper inside the main reasons:


A. Material selection / material is not appropriate, the material can not meet the physical and chemical properties required for wiper function;


B. stent structure design is unreasonable;


C. Scaffolding various components manufacturing and assembly worse (accuracy is not enough);


D. Rubber formulations and processing technology caused by poor quality plastic strips.



                 When it comes to rubber, analyze!





Q: Why natural rubber and silicone wipers, Topex choose natural rubber?


A: Silicone wipers biggest problem when driving with the night, in case of the other lane headlights, wiper scratch test after the windshield appears a vast expanse of white, seriously affecting the visibility and traffic safety. The natural rubber without this problem, this is why most of the original factory wipers mostly with natural rubber wipers, because this is a serious matter involving personal safety. Is also the original wiper safety standards.





A. Wiper blade outside the main reasons:

. Car windshield curvature and wiper blade design structure does not match (pressure distribution);


②. Wiper system components (motor, rocker, connecting rod) transmission smooth;


③. Wiper assembly motor and rocker arm pressure (or spring fatigue)


④. Wiper blade installation error and brush head and wiper with poor;


⑤.Rocker arm blocked by ice, resulting wiper blade can not be uniform force;


⑥. Glass quality.




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